Monday, September 12, 2011

Sprouting legumes

This is so easy to do, and so much better than their cooked counterparts! Set lentils in a bowl and cover with plenty water. Cover the bowl with a paper towel.  Make sure to place them in a large enough bowl, as they will double in size. Also, you don't want to keep them for longer than a week or so, therefore only soak as many as you think you will eat in a weeks time. In the morning, use a collander to drain the water well. Place them back in the bowl and cover with a paper towel.  Every 12 hours, rinse the lentils in fresh water and drain well.  They only need to remain moist, not covered in water.

These are my lentils after 2 days.  I let them go for 3 or 4 days.  Once you've sprouted them to the desired length, cover and refrigerate.  You can add them to salads, sandwiches, wraps, whatever!

Here are a couple of links regarding the nutritional value:

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