Monday, March 26, 2012

Coconut Milk

This is so easy to make, but the most difficult thing is peeling the coconut.  There are tools you can purchase to do this, but I don't have any.  The first thing I did was drain the coconut by puncturing two of the three holes and save the water for later.  I use coconut water for consumption prior to and after any long workouts.  Break the coconut and peel.  Dry the coconut "meat" in a dehydrator for at least 12 hours.  Shred the coconut.  I put two cups of shredded coconut into a bowl with 4 cups hot water.  Let sit for 2-3 hours.  Pour the water and coconut into a blender.  Blend.  Strain, if desired.  I like the coconut milk as is, but you can add vanilla, sweetener, cinnamon, whatever you like for flavor.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not so sure about agave anymore...

Okay, I use agave to sweeten many things, but after reading this, I'm not so sure I want to use it anymore.  I will have to do some more research...

Raw Pumpkin Seed "Milk"